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Conservatorship: knowledgeable, committed & loyal...

Flynn Fiduciary Services provides private professional fiduciary services as Conservator of Person and Estate. Knowledge and experience. Committed to your best interest, and loyal to a fault, if that's possible.

Conservator of the Person and Estate

The Superior Court can appoint a Conservator of the Person for any adult who is not able to provide for his or her personal needs for food, shelter, clothing or medical care.  The Conservator of the Person assumes responsibility for all decisions regarding the health and welfare of the Conservatee.
A Conservator of the Estate can be appointed for a person who is unable to manage his or her own finances or resist fraud or undue influence. The Conservator of the Estate assumes responsibility for the assets of the Conservatee.

Duties of Conservator of the Person and Estate:

  • Supervise medical care, insurance benefits, and  disability benefits
  • Arrange a living facility
  • Manage personal care needs
  • Monitor meals and clothing
  • Manage home care services
  • Arrange housekeeping services
  • Arrange transportation and daily activities
  • Support spiritual beliefs
  • Manage financial assets
  • Provide record keeping and accounting services
  • Assure that appropriate California and Federal Income tax returns are filed
  • Provide court accountings and status report of Conservatee
  • Coordinate a team of professional advisors, as needed

Superior Court appointments are common in Sonoma and Marin County. Ms. Flynn is one of 530 California
Fiduciaries qualified for these appointments.

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